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Everything under one roof with BIMQ

AEC3’s professional information management system

Do you want to be even more efficient in the planning, construction or operation of your building using Building Information Modelling (BIM)? With BIMQ, all project partners can view and edit your BIM standards together, saving time, money and stress.

Countless functions, an easy-to-use user interface and powerful server technologies – working with BIMQ creates transparency, streamlines your processes and lets you collaboratively manage your projects. Right from the start of a building project, you and your partners can draw up reliable contracts, operate according to schedule until the project is ready to hand over for safe operation.



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BIMQ makes it easy for you to reliably tender for construction projects, manage them confidently and accept them in a binding manner. You can use the integrated templates to do this, as well as define individual BIM standards. Then, you can use the export function to create your contract annex in just a few clicks.

What does BIMQ do for you?

Brief overview

  • Define your own BIM goals and use cases
  • Efficient definition of the information requirements based on detailed templates for your client’s information requirements
  • Specify the main requirements such as the Level of Information Need (LOIN) and their classifications, the allocation to open formats and the rules for evaluating the BIM models
  • Create sample templates for your organisation
  • Check the information requirements as the project progresses and use BIMQ test rules for project handover
  • Connection to classification systems
  • Access to international catalogue for attribute and object descriptions, such as: IFC, bSDD, CAFM-Connect, ETIM
  • Smooth transfer of data in your management systems (e.g. CAFM system)
  • Existing requirements can be imported via Excel


Complete and secure data delivery for your CAFM system

Always have a complete overview of how your construction project is progressing and make sure that all of the BIM data meets your requirements and wishes. It’s possible with BIMQ! The refined operator functions, which you can use to evaluate the data quality at any time and incorporate company-relevant data into your CAFM, make this possible.

What does BIMQ do for you?

Brief overview

  • Early inclusion in the defining of the necessary information requirements
  • Testing of the data quality of company-relevant information requirements according to the CAFM catalogue which is important throughout the project with the help of the test rules from BIMQ
  • All company data is completely and promptly integrated into your CAFM before project delivery
  • Using standards or your own catalogue for attributes and object descriptions such as: IFC or CAFM-Connect

Professional planners and construction companies

The best data quality for even better models

Correctly interpret and answer BIM questions to deliver the best possible models on time. BIMQ’s tried and tested templates and planning tools make it easy. Easily integrate the information requirements into your BIM software or export them for your contract documents. Use the test rules from BIMQ as your test tool to ensure the quality of your models.

What does BIMQ do for you?

Brief overview

  • Cloud-based platform for interdisciplinary communication
  • Direct data interface for the usual BIM software systems (ArchiCAD, Revit, ALLPLAN and ProVI)
  • Integrating the information requirements from the client’s information requirements or the BIM project plan into your BIM software
  • One single reliable source of information – central and dynamic attribute management
  • Enables uniform IFC mapping across several BIM software systems
  • Quality control with BIMQ test rules for BIM test tools, such as Solibri, BIMcollab ZOOM, DESITE MD PRO or SIMPLEBIM in mvdXML format
  • Efficient tracking of the BIM project plan
  • Possible to export the requirements for delivery via Excel

Associations, organisations and manufacturers

Setting standards together

The digital transformation is changing the building industry. As manufacturers, you will receive an increased number of requests in the future to deliver BIM data for your products. This transformation of the entire industry also requires new rules and standards, which you as a member of an association or organisation will define. Let’s take a step together into the future with BIMQ.

What does BIMQ do for you?

Brief overview

  • Develop the requirements catalogue for your construction types and components yourself.
  • Develop standard definitions for the Level of Information Need (LOIN).
  • Use the effective support to map your requirements on the basis of the IFC standard.
  • Get access to international catalogues for attributes and object descriptions, such as IFC, bSDD, CAFM-Connect, ETIM.
  • Let your members and customers participate in the interfaces (currently for ArchiCAD, Revit, ALLPLAN and ProVI) for the direct incorporation of attribute definitions into planning software.


Start your career using BIMQ

Learn how to use the most important tools you will need for your working day already during your training. As a software manufacturer, we would like to support you in this. This is why we offer educational institutions an exclusive Education licence which can be used up to 20 times – completely free.

What does BIMQ do for you?

Brief overview

  • For high-school students, university students and teachers
  • With BIMQ’s free Education licence you can learn about our new BIM technology and have access to challenging content, putting you in a better position for professional success.
  • Access to BIMQ’s complete range of functions
  • Duration, 1 year – can be extended at any time
  • In order to obtain an Education licence, the necessary supporting documents must be presented

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