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Watch one of our videos to get a better idea of BIMQ’s user interface and range of functions of BIMQ.

First steps in BIMQ

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First steps in BIMQ

Learn about BIMQ’s basic functions by entering the most important information concerning model competences, set-up and challenges.

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Using the software templates properly

Exporting for BIM software

Using the software templates properly

With BIMQ you are in a position to export templates for the most important software systems such as ArchiCAD, Revit, ALLPLAN and ProVI. We will show you the workflow for each one.

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Using BIMQ rules

Exporting for BIM test tools

Using BIMQ rules

How are the test rules for the most important products such as Solibri, BIMcollab ZOOM, DESITE MD PRO and simplebim created? You will learn the answer in the sections about using BIMQ rules.

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From the client’s information requirements via the BIM project plan directly to BIMQ

Complete workflow

From the client’s information requirements via the BIM project plan directly to BIMQ

The interfaces for ProVI and Desite MD PRO and Solibri have the potential to significantly speed up the BIM processes of the planning departments, while also making them more user-friendly. We will show you what a complete workflow looks like.

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A professional information management system seems complex. BIMQ makes it easy for you. How? We’ll show you in our webinars.

Your first steps with BIMQ

Short, concise and compact:

learn about BIMQ in a webinar for beginners.

  • Workflow in BIMQ
  • Creation of information requirements 
  • Software and IFC mapping 
  • Generation of validation rules

Dates 2023:

29 June 2023 at 4.30 pm (CEST) – The webinar will be held in German

Workflows with BIMQ

Detailed, informative and easy to understand: our advanced webinars for advanced users.

our advanced webinars for advanced users.

  • Exporting information requirements and directly importing them into Revit, ArchiCAD, ALLPLAN and ProVI.
  • Generate test rules for Solibri, DESITE MD PRO, BIMCollab Zoom and simplebim or as mvdXML
  • Deliver the correct IDF mapping across different BIM software systems


Dates 2023:


Individual Webinars

3, 2, 1 … let’s go! Your first steps with BIMQ

If you don’t want to wait for the next beginner webinar or would like an internal training session for your employees only, then our team will be happy to find a solution to suit you.

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3, 2, 1 ... let’s go! Your first steps with BIMQ


How do I add a model, a construction component or a feature? What is a BIM use case? How are software interfaces and test rules used? At this point we will answer the most frequently asked questions. Furthermore, you will also find descriptions of workflows in information management and concerning all interfaces of BIMQ.

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